It was only a matter of time

I knew it would happen eventually. I kept hearing people pining for an iPhone version of Photoshop. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it's the same motivation that drives people to port Linux to run on their microwave ovens just because they can. Let's see...

[radarange:~ sparky]$ cook --soggy --beep-when-done leftovers 2>/dev/speech↵
leftovers cooked
[radarange:~ sparky]$ _

Whatever. So Adobe has released a companion app for their service called, strangely enough, Mobile. It is rudimentary as an image editor and seems to be targeted more to the snapshot crowd. Although the app has some image editing/manipulation functions, its main reason for existence seems to be to get your photos on for sharing. This aspect is no different than the umpteen other apps which upload to MobileMe, Flickr, Facebook, or any of the other webapp services that let you share pictures. As far as editing goes, Photogene is far more powerful. On the other hand, Photogene's only "sharing" mechanism to speak of is email.

So, it was only a matter of time before we saw Photoshop on the iPhone. Fortunately, Mobile resembles the desktop Photoshop application in name and publisher only.
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