Blossom, day 3



Blossom, day 2


Random trivia: there are two 12½-ton (25,000 lbs.) weights and one 7-ton (14,000 lbs.) weight on the back of this crane. That's 64,000 pounds of counterweight in addition to the weight of the crane itself which I'm sure is well over 100,000 pounds. «Liebherr» is a common German surname which translates into English as "dear gentleman."


Blossom, day 1

There is a site I've been photographing for a little over 2½ years now. I figure I'll be photographing it for another year or more before I'm done and ready to compile the work into a cohesive body. Nevertheless, what I'm posting today and will continue to post periodically are sneak peeks at the work. Feedback is most welcome.