Miscellaneous other files and websites of interest (in alphabetical order)

A curated photo-sharing site with fantastic photography
"Entertainment for the apocolypse" from Dystopian Studios (warning: contains nudity)
The Bay Area Photo Club
One of the first audio projects I did
An eco-friendly way to dispose of your old cell phone
A collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds
Another audio piece from 2002
Photography instruction and discussion
Home of the Photoshop Workbench instructional podcast
Craig Tanner's video blog of critiques and Photoshop techniques
Truong Le's Ultra Fitness Integrated Training site. He is helping me lose weight and get fit!
My (rather neglected) profile on the popular photo critique website PhotoSIG
My "channel" on the video sharing web site YouTube
The first well-known online photo community
Slate article on how to dispose of your electronics responsibly
The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake
A good site on feline old age and end-of-life issues (much of the advice probably applies to dogs as well)
This Week in Photography — both a blog, and a podcast hosted by Alex Lindsay and Scott Bourne
Daniel Miessler's non-Microsoft-bashing blog post about why you shouldn't use IE and what your alternatives are