Paying work

None at this time.

TFP work

TFP subjects will receive digital copies of select photos from their shoot along with one or more prints 8x10 or larger. Click the TFP info link in the menu above for more information.
I am starting a body of work that explores the beauty of women who work in traditionally male-dominated fields such as construction, plant operations, fire suppression, shipping and trucking, transportation, pipefitting, welding, etc. My goal is to reveal the contrast between the work and home personæ in an exploration of American gender stereotyping. If you are a woman in the Greater Houston/Galveston area who works in a traditionally male-dominated field (whether mentioned above or not) and wish to collaborate on this project as a portrait subject, please contact me using the contact page or by calling 832 415.1000.
I am looking for female portrait subjects who have facial scars. My intent is to show the inner strength which allows such women to lead normal lives despite our appearance-obsessed society and the resulting beauty they project. Please use the contact page or call 832 415.1000 if you would like to participate.