I've been a PhotoVision subscriber for several years now and I love it. PhotoVision is a two-hour photography seminar delivered to your doorstep on DVD every other month. It covers all aspects of running a professional portrait/wedding photography studio but you don't have to be a professional to get value from it. The majority of what you'll see is photographers doing photo shoots while the PhotoVision crew captures it on video — it's a great way to learn new techniques, learn refinements to techniques you already use, and renew your enthusiasm. There are also studio tours, interviews with photographers and office managers, product reviews, and much more. From the PhotoVision web site:

You'll see photographic styles and techniques, digital workflow, lighting and posing, Photoshop tips and tricks, hear innovative marketing and sales strategies, output alternatives, new hardware and software reviews and much, much more. You'll go into the studios and see photographers during actual sessions working with real clients and go on location to experience entire weddings.

Why am I pitching PhotoVision without getting paid? I enjoy the product enough and think it provides good enough value that I want other photographers to get the benefit of the sale PhotoVision is currently running through September 30th. A one-year PhotoVision subscription is normally $149 plus shipping. If you follow this link and use promo code "PVFAN" then you'll get a PhotoVision subscription for $39. Yep, that's a pretty steep discount! Strike while the iron is hot! Here's the best part: your annual renewals will also be just $39., promo code PVFAN