Now we're getting somewhere!

I actually started writing this post last month when I first saw an announcement in Professional Photographer magazine about DigiLabs' StudioShare iPhone app. It is perhaps fortuitous that I've been too busy to finish writing the post until now, because Apple's recently released iPad may take the subject to the next level.

Whether on the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, the ability for your clients to order prints and products in the spare moments they find waiting in line for their "venti double light skinny white chocolate mocca frappuccino blended creme with energy to go" will almost certainly increase your sales. I can't believe it took this long for someone to finally put the system together that makes such purchases from iProducts easy. Over at Aunt Myrtle's showing off your wedding photos? Now, if your photographer uses this DigiLabs product, you can order albums and prints for your Auntie while your spouse drives the two of you home — before you forget which ones she liked. If DigiLabs revises the software for the iPad's increased screen real estate it will even easier to preview the photos before ordering. Let's turn the scenario around… say Aunt Myrtle is over at your house for a visit. You can hand her an iPad and let her order prints and albums of your wedding from the comfort of the couch while you're in the kitchen finalizing dinner. No need to worry about a bulky laptop or whether she knows how to use a trackpad. It would even be easy enough for her to pace back and forth while making her decisions if she's a "pacer."

I think it's a foregone conclusion that more labs will integrate Apple's iProducts into their workflows and service offerings very soon. I can hardly wait!
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