Roundup of miscellaneous links

I've seen a lot of interesting stuff going on with the iPhone lately. A photographer named Gordon Fraser from the U.K. is doing amazing photography and post-processing with his iPhone. He has a set on Flickr (you need to be logged in to see it because some of the shots are nude figure studies). I have no doubt that Flickr has an unbelievably large number of wonderful iPhone photos from any number of photographers, but there just isn't enough time in the day to look at them all.

Danny Santos has a blog post called "Your Camera Takes Great Photos." We've all heard it before — the photographer takes the picture, not the camera. We've also all heard someone say, whether from naïveté or malice, that you must have a nice camera since your photos are so good. Danny throws in a few analogies and anecdotes that might make it easier to "re-educate" people when they make such comments.

This blog started out being specific to photographic topics around the iPhone. Many similar blogs have sprouted since then, most of them better than this one due, in part, to their authors having more time to devote to the pursuit. That is to say, you may have seen this next link before. Lee Morris at f stoppers did a commercial-style fashion shoot using an iPhone 3G S as the camera. Go read the post and watch the video, then read his response to some of the negative comments he received. The camera may take the picture but the photographer makes the picture.

A low-light photo with iPhone 4

The final link for today is to a Gizmodo article that has nothing to do with the iPhone. One of their writers, Matt Buchanan, got to spend a day flying over New York City with Vincent Laforet. I think it's an interesting and inspirational read.

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